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Free Models

These card models may be downloaded for your personal enjoyment.

Note to web site owners!  If you want to offer these models on your site, please read this first.

The kits vary in complexity, and many are not suitable for beginning card modelers. I've assigned a skill level to each kit to help you judge whether the kit is within your ability.

You will need a printer capable of printing on card stock. In addition, you'll need a PDF reader such as Adobe's Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader to open and print the files (see the links pages if you need a reader program).

Download the files. For most models there are two files: the instructions and the parts layout (simpler models may have parts and instructions combined in a single document).

Open and print the model files with a PDF reader program. The instructions may be printed on ordinary printer paper. The parts layout should be printed onto card stock. The "weight" (thickness) of the stock will depend on the capabilities of your printer and your own preference. 67-pound cover stock (approx 8.5 thousandths of an inch or 0.2 mm thick) is recommended.

Models by category

Last updated on 5 February 2021 
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