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This page gives a brief introduction to the world of card modeling (or paper modeling). Be sure to visit my free models page page and see some card models I and my co-designers have created!

What is card modeling?

The use of paper or card stock to make models is hundreds of years old, and is enjoyed by people around the world. Subjects for card models are as diverse as aircraft, buildings, trains, vehicles and even animals, and the tools can be as simple as a hobby knife, a cutting surface, and some white glue. Creating three-dimensional objects from paper is a fascinating and rewarding challenge. As your experience grows you will find yourself trying new techniques, and building more complex and ambitious projects. Perhaps you will even try designing your own models. From simple kits output on a home printer and built in an evening, to commercially printed models containing thousands of parts and constructed over many months, you are sure to find many that will suit your abilities and budget.

Computers and card modeling

Interest in card models has increased worldwide with the advent of the home computer and the Internet. Not only can pre-printed models be purchased online, but in many cases they can be obtained as a computer file, and be printed at home on a low-cost printer. Many companies and individuals are now selling or freely offering kits in digital form, and a new generation of designers is creating models using computer-aided-design programs.

Where do I start?

If you are new to card modeling, there are several online resources to help you get started. Check out my links page page for sites of interest to beginning modelers. The best way to learn is, of course, to jump in and actually build something. Keep it simple to begin with.

Last updated on 5 February 2021 
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