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These pages are a comprehensive listing of the movements of the White Star liner Olympic from her delivery in 1911 to her scrapping in the mid-1930s. Passenger voyage numbers, eg “Voyage 23”, match those appearing on log abstracts. Transport voyages in government service between 1915 and 1919 were not, to my knowledge, assigned sequential numbers but I have added them here for convenience. There are still a few gaps in the story, and in a work of this scope some errors are inevitable. If you have any suggestions for corrections or additions I’d be glad to hear from you.

Sources: This information was compiled from a large number of sources including the UK National Archives, the US National Archives, the National Archives of Canada, the Times (London) and the New York Times.

Notes on dating: In comparing records there are frequently inconsitencies in the dates, particularly for arrivals. This is usually because one source will record the arrival at a port while another will give the date that the ship docked (possibly the next day). In such cases I have used the dates the ship left or arrived at the dock.

Future development: This timeline currently shows only voyage dates and ports of call. I may later add further information such as world events and shipboard incidents to give historical context to the voyages.

Last updated 30 Jul 2013. Copyright 2013 by Ralph Currell. Timeline display based on Timeliner by Tarek Anandan.