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Free card models and more

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Card Models section

2021/2/3: The Card Models section has been rewritten to accommodate a range of screen sizes including mobile devices. Let me know if anything is not displaying properly. Minor changes, such updating off-site links, will be ongoing over the next several days.

Maritime History section

2021/2/21: Added bulkhead shutoff valves to the component lists for Boiler Rooms 3 and 5 on the Olympic-class machinery layout map.

2021/2/20: The Olympic-class machinery layout map is now more mobile-friendly, and has a somewhat different user interface. This completes the major overhaul of the site. Your feedback is always welcome.

2021/2/10: The Olympic voyage timeline has now been rewritten to be mobile-friendly.

2021/2/9: Most pages have now been updated to accommodate mobile devices. The Olympic timeline and machinery layout sections will be rewritten at a later date.

See the site revision history for a full list of changes.

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