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Mooring Mast Model Gallery

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Copyright for all photos on this page belongs to their respective donors. Please do not reproduce or post elsewhere without permission.

“Little Lantern”
Steve Hilliker (England)

Steve has created a beautiful short movie commemorating the departure of R.101 on her last voyage. The mooring mast and airship models are enhanced by lighting and other effects, and look quite convincing. Watch the video at


Larry Maxfield (USA)
Larry provided a wonderful view of the R-100 and mast set in a digitally-added landscape.


David T. Okamura (USA)
Displayed with the R-100 model. David also added a tiny truck beside the building to give an idea of the scale. Very nice work.


Not exactly a card model.
Flight simulator enthusiast Alan Hart has created a mooring mast scenery file for use with Microsoft FS 2002. See the mooring mast page for further information.

Last updated on 6 October 2016 
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