V-2 model gallery

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Thomas Steinmann, Germany
This clean build shows well the smooth lines of the rocket.
Matt Wedel, California, USA
Matt has flown this V-2 using B6-4 and C6-3 motors, and has found that no parachute is necessary given the light weight of the model .
Lee Fleischer
Mr. Cruise, USA
This rocket was modified to take a D12 motor, and Mr. Cruise reports that it flew very straight and high. He mentions that the centre of gravity was adjusted to about 10 inches from the nose of the rocket, and that the D12 is 'overkill' for this model (an A or B should be sufficient).
Mark Hamilton, photos by Tom Beach
Mark enlarged these V-2s to 5-1/2 feet (1.6 metres) tall, and launched them with G64 rockets. Truly impressive!
These models are featured in the May/June 2004 issue of Sport Rocketry Magazine.
Laszlo Vadasz, Hungary
Peter Crow
Robin Day, Manitoba, Canada
Wayne Cutrell
Jeff Paredes, Ecuador
Stanislaw Pawelczak, Poland
Alan Grayer
This model was reduced to 1:100 scale, but still looks great!
Submitted anonymously
Displayed on Joseph Cangero's launch table.