Titanic model gallery

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Rafael Refaiya (Greece)
Rafael built the three sister ships at around 1:400 scale, and created stands for an impressive wall mounted display.
Esteban Saavedra (Mexico)
Jerry Vondeling (Netherlands)
Jerry's prototype model of the Titanic as she appeared in the 1980 movie Raise the Titanic.
Robson Silva (Brazil)
Robson created a nice display case with iceberg background for his model.
John Garcia (Philippines)
These models have been upscaled to about 1:600 scale. In addition to the Titanic and Jerry's Britannic, John has modified a Titanic model to represent the Olympic later in her career. Nice work!
Jerry Vondeling (Netherlands)
The addition of funnel smoke is a nice touch. Jerry's Britannic conversion is also shown.
Bahri Evcen (Marmaris, Turkey)
In addition to great workmanship, the extensive rigging on Bahri's model makes it really stand out.
Peter Taft
Peter enlarged the model to approximately 1:350 scale (!) and added many details such as benches, lifeboat davits and rigging. The amazing result can be seen in a YouTube video at (Requires Adobe's Flash player).
Patrick Sacco (Malta)
Michael Bugmann (Switzerland)
The rigging, flags, and a background image are great additions to this well-built ship.
Jonathan Leslie
Jonathan sent this in-progress shot of his model enlarged to 1:900 scale.
Ralph Currell
This is the prototype in various stages of completion (may differ slightly from the model as released).