R.100 model gallery

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Horst Brinkmann (Germany)
Rolf-Dieter Heinrich (Germany)
Rolf enlarged the design to approximately 1:200 scale, transferring the part outlines to cardboard which was sprayed with silver paint. Well done and very impressive!
Lee Fleischer
Lee added plastic discs to simulate the spinning propellers. Nice work!
Wayne Cutrell
Jack Colin
Jack created a base and mooring tower to display his airship. Great work!
Thomas Boegel (Germany)
Very nice workmanship -- the seams are almost invisible!
David T. Okamura (USA)
Displayed at the mooring mast. David also added a tiny truck beside the building to give an idea of the scale. Very nice work.
Dr Clemens Brechtelsbauer (UK)
This fine effort is Dr Brechtelsbauer's first card model.
Andre Kovacevic