N-1 model gallery

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Simon Roberts
The N-1 seems to reach for the sky in this striking photo.
Jean-Christophe Berry (France)
Another nicely constructed model, enlarged to 1:96 scale.
Roman Seissler (Germany)
This well-built model was enlarged to 1:100 scale for display with other spacecraft models.
Roberto Almaraz (Argentina)
Excellent workmanship.
Jason Lenentine
Jason modified his N-1 to accomodate a rocket engine, and has flown it successfully. Great work Jason!
Details about the conversion can be found in this article at
Wayne Cutrell
Lars Folmann (Denmark)
This model, shown beside a Saturn V, was resized to 1:100 scale.
David J. Lanteigne
Alan Grayer
Alan enlarged his N-1 to 1:100 scale.
Ralph Currell
This is the model prototype (differs slightly from the model as released).