Graf Zeppelin model gallery

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Royston Nguyen
Roy enlarged the 1:400 model to around 1:144 scale. The finished model is over five feet long!
Klaus Lingenauber (Hamburg, Germany)
Klaus photographed his 1:700 scale model using an aerial photo of Hamburg for the background.
Horst Brinkmann (Germany)
Horst has enlarged the LZ.127 model to 1:350 scale and added extra rigging wires. The Russian Giant airship (also 1:350 scale) is shown for comparison.
Livio Ghisu (Sardinia, Italy)
This is the 1:400 scale model. Livio has added German tri-colour markings to the vertical fins, depicting the ship later in her career.
Bengt Fredén
These are the model parts (in this case enlarged to fit on A3 stock).
Ralph Currell
The 1:400 and 1:700 scale models side-by-side.
Ralph Currell
This is the 1:700 scale prototype (may differ slightly from the model as released).