Britannic model gallery

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Rafael Refaiya (Greece)
Rafael built the three sister ships at around 1:400 scale, and created stands for an impressive wall mounted display.
James Jacolbia
Very good work on a challenging model.
Livio Ghisu (Sardinia, Italy)
Livio has created this amazing model of the Britannic wreck. Extensive modifications to the original model include the creation of a lower hull and the addition of an internal deck structure where the bow has broken off.
Esteban Saavedra (Mexico)
John Garcia (Philippines)
These models have been upscaled to about 1:600 scale. In addition to the Titanic and Jerry's Britannic, John has modified a Titanic model to represent the Olympic later in her career. Nice work!
Jerry Vondeling (Netherlands)
Jerry's prototype of the hospital ship Britannic.