SpaceShipOne model gallery

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Ralph Currell (model design by Sean Huxter)
Sean designed this attractive stand to allow the display of the model with wheels up. Go to the SpaceShipOne page to download this kit.
Paper model in space!
Modeler unknown, video courtesy of XPRIZE Foundation, Discovery Channel and Vulcan Productions Inc.

When SpaceShipOne flew to its X-Prize victory on 4 October 2004, pilot Brian Binnie released this paper model during free-fall at the top of his trajectory. The still photos shown here are rather blurry. The model is clearer in the video, which may be downloaded from Scaled Composites at
Hans Christian Ben
Hans attached his SpaceShipOne under the White Knight model designed by Jan Müller. Great work on both kits. See the SpaceShipOne page for a link to White Knight.
Hans Christian Ben
If 1:48 scale is good, 1:32 can only be better! Hans combined the ModelArt 1:32 scale White Knight with an enlarged version of my SpaceShipOne. He even added clear windows and cockpit detail.
Jonathan Leslie
Jon included a photo comparing SpaceShipOne to other 1:48 scale spacecraft models. Nice work!
Jason Sutton, photos by Bob Penikas
Jason created a base to display his beautifully built model.
David Okamura, photos by Peter Crow
A nicely built model shown at the April '04 IPMS/Northrop meeting.
Jean-François Soucaille (France)
Jean-François built an attractive display stand featuring the X-prize logo.
W.M. Elzerman (Netherlands)
Wonderful craftsmanship.
Alan Grayer
Even when reduced to 1:100 scale these models are superbly built. Alan also made display bases identifying the two versions.
Olaf Schuelke (Germany)
Olaf built both models, with the X-Prize version modified to show the tail in the raised position.